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Cat Grooming

Welcome to Goodna Vet, where we dedicate ourselves to the health and happiness of your cherished feline companions. Alongside our expert veterinary care, we offer professional cat grooming services to keep your pets looking and feeling their best.

Having a Bath

Expert Cat Grooming Services at Goodna Vet

Cat Grooming Services

Cats make excellent companions and wonderful pets. With an average lifespan of 15–20 years, owning a cat is a long-term commitment, and their needs must be carefully considered.

Cat Groom under Sedation - $295


  • Custom cat clips (e.g., lion mane, booties, pom tail, mohawk)

  • Nails trimmed

  • Pet parfum finish

Add-on: Longer comb lengths - $50

Additional Fees:

  • Behavioural issues requiring two people - $50

  • Matting fees - $80 per hour

  • Pelted coats - $100 per hour

Grooming Tips:

  • Most cats require assistance from their owners to remove excess hair, reducing furballs/hairballs and matted or tangled fur.

  • Short-haired cats usually groom themselves adequately, except during moulting season.

  • Long-haired cats require daily grooming to prevent furballs, which can cause appetite and weight loss, and may lead to surgery in severe cases.

  • During moulting season, daily brushing and food designed to reduce hairballs can help.

  • Unlike dogs, cats typically do not need regular baths.

Book an Appointment:

We welcome you to book an appointment with us to discuss how to keep your cat in optimum mental and physical health or to schedule a grooming session.

Goodna Vet Grooming Cancellation Policy

Our grooming calendar fills up quickly, so we enforce a strict cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation: Must be done 48 hours before the appointment.

    • Cancellation within 48 hours: Will incur 50% of the cost for the grooming appointment and a deposit of 50% of the cost for future grooming appointments (non-refundable).

    • No Show/Cancellation within 24 hours: Will incur 100% of the cost for the grooming appointment and a deposit of 100% of the cost for future grooming appointments (non-refundable).​

  • Late Arrival: Arriving 15 minutes or more late may require rescheduling. Rescheduling will incur a $50 rebooking fee (This fee is non-refundable and not a credit for the rebooked groom) and a deposit of 100% of the cost for future grooming appointments.

Book your pet’s grooming appointment today to keep them looking and feeling their best!

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