Tick Season SUCKS!!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

This is a reminder that tick season is creeping up on us FAST. 😱 Unfortunately for us here in South East Queensland; we have favourable climate conditions for ticks which is why there are so many around.

Paralysis ticks are mainly active in spring or generally in the hotter ☀️🔥 seasons but there is potential for them to surprise you in the colder ❄️ months and they can can rear their ugly heads all year around. Therefore, we urge all pet owners (even with cats) to buy preventatives to protect them. It’s not fun seeing pets come in with paralysis ticks and spending hundreds of dollars, when this could all be prevented by simply giving a treatment. The average cost of a tick preventative is around the $80 mark but the average cost for tick paralysis treatment can reach $1200-1500 just in the first day of hospitalisation.😕

Some facts about paralysis ticks.

- Can cause serious disease and death in domestic dogs and cats.🐶🐱 - Tick paralysis is an acute, progressive, ascending paralysis caused by neurotoxins in tick saliva, which enter the host during feeding (Bravecto 2019). - To prevent the occurrence of fatal paralysis tick infested dogs and cats, it is critical to kill the ticks within 72 hours post infestation and prior to the onset of clinical signs (Bravecto 2019). - There are over 74 different species of tick but only a handful are known to bite.🧛‍♂️

It is also important to note, that just because your pet is always at home doesn’t mean they won’t get a paralysis tick.🤔 These sneaky critters can end up in your back yard with a little help from surrounding wildlife or even other dogs/cats if they come to visit.

One of the products we recommend is Bravecto! This treatment comes in both chewable and spot-on form for your cats and dogs.🐾 Also, newly available is Bravecto PLUS; this will guard your cat against fleas, paralysis ticks, ear mites and all intestinal worms plus heartworm for up to 2 months in one dose. This spot-on is very easy to use, with a simple TWIST’N’USE tube to apply directly onto the skin behind the neck. Safe for kittens over 9 weeks of age, weighing at least 1.2kg.🐈

So give us a call 📞 today on 07 3288 1822 to discuss which treatment option might be best for your pet!!

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