New Years Eve Pet Dangers

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

New Years is full of celebration, parties and new beginnings. This day is fun for us but can often be a time of stress for your pets. Before you pop that champagne cork take a minute to consider the following things:


It goes without saying that alcohol is bad for our furry companions. They cannot metabolise alcohol the way we can and even the smallest amount can cause damage to their liver, nervous system and blood glucose levels. All of which can lead to hospitalisation and may be fatal in extreme cases.


These go hand and hand with New Years celebrations and are great for us but stressful for pets. Some signs that your pet may be stressed can include;

- Hiding

- Trembling

- Inappropriate urination

- Excessive barking or vocalisation

- Unable to settle

Fireworks may be unavoidable but you can take some steps to create a safe space for your pet. Set up a comfortable area for them with their bedding, favourite toys or even a tasty treat to keep them occupied.

Taking your dog for a long walk the evening before New Years can be a good way to tire them out and have them a little calmer for the evening ahead.

The use of aids like Adaptil & Feliway diffusers or collars can also help to keep your fur kid calm. These work by releasing pheromones into the environment.

Running Away

Pets can often become stressed regardless of the measures we take to help keep them calm. If you won’t be home on New Year's Eve and your pet will be alone, ensure their area is secured and they cannot escape.

If you are having people over for New Years ensure that party-goers are closing doors and gates behind them so your fur kids can’t slip out. It’s also a good idea to make sure your pet's microchip is up to date and they have identification on their collars - just in case anything does happen!

We hope these tips help if you have any problems please contact ARH Jindalee on 07 3172 0593.

Enjoy your celebrations and have a Happy New Year!!

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