Don't FUR-get about your pets grooming this Summer!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Now that we’re heading into summer it is important to keep on top of your pets grooming to ensure they enjoy the warmer months comfortably.

Regular grooming is not only great for keeping your fur kids looking fabulous but it also helps protect their skin, coat and ears from summer hazards. Things like ticks, ear infections and irritated skin are examples of these hazards.

You don’t have to go to a groomer to achieve these things! Regular coat brushing, ear cleaning and bathing all help to keep your pets happy.

Misty came into the clinic today for what we call a “lion clip”to tidy her up and help keep her cool. After a body shave, brush out and a sponge bath she left happy and a few kg’s lighter with all that fur gone!

Call us on 3288 1822 and speak to our wonderful team for advice on pet grooming.

Georgy, Veterinary Nurse.

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