• Chris

What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo?

Answer: A pouch potato!!

As it’s now Australia Day weekend it is important to watch out for pets around our classic BBQ’s 🥩🍽. Many of the things we love to eat are dangerous and potentially fatal to our fur kids. Some things to watch out for include:

Cooked bones found in things like chicken, ribs, lamb chop or steaks can break and splinter when chewed. These splinters can become stuck in your pets intestinal tract and cause severe damage or a blockage. 🍖🤕

Most Aussies love our cold beers on ice and these come hand in hand with a barbie. Your pets may seem to love the taste but even the smallest amount of alcohol can cause problems as their bodies can’t process it. 🍺🍺

Other additional things like onions, garlic, avocado and skewers from kebabs should be kept away from fur kids at all times.

The Goodna Vet Team hope you and your fur kids have a safe and relaxing long weekend! 🐨🌞

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