Oodles of Trouble for Noodles.

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

This handsome little boy is Noodles. Noodles presented to Dr Thy a few weeks ago after he suddenly started crying out at home and appeared very painful in his back leg. It was obvious to Dr Thy that something was not right, and Noodles was immediately admitted for X-rays with Dr Lauren.

With sedation and pain relief on board, the X-rays quickly found the cause of Noodles’ pain – he had dislocated his hip joint! Noodles was placed under general anaesthesia, and his femur was gently manipulated back into the hip joint. Special hobbles were also placed around his knees to help support the movement of his hips during his recovery period.

Noodle's Luxated Hip

It was important for Noodles to be kept very quiet and rested while the hip joint recovered from this injury, as there is a risk for the hip to dislocate again. In cases where the bones cannot be replaced, or do not stay in the correct place, then surgery is often needed as the next step.

Noodle's Hip Fixed

Thanks to the speedy intervention, Noodles recovered well with a few weeks of cage rest and rehabilitation (and plenty of TLC).

Dr Lauren

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