Hit by Car Close Call!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

We recently saw Kirra when her owners rushed her to Goodna Vets after being struck by a car. Luckily for Kirra, initial stabilisation and diagnostic testing found she did not have significant internal injuries. But, unfortunately, she did have significant damage to the bones and ligaments in her back leg, creating a very unstable knee joint and a lot of pain.

Out of Kirra’s best interest, her owners decided to amputate her injured leg with Dr Lauren's guidance. With the help of the team of support staff, Dr Lauren performed the marathon surgery to remove her leg; and the anaesthesia and surgery went off without a hitch.

Pets that have to have a limb amputated usually recover incredibly well. With a little practice and help getting around initially, it doesn’t take long until they take their new life in stride and get around with ease. However, as their weight needs to be shifted differently and shared between their remaining limbs, these pets mustn't be overweight. This is important to help prevent injury or degenerative joint disease like arthritis in their other legs.

The next day, Kirra showed her beautiful, brave smile whilst bouncing around the clinic on three legs. At her recent recheck to have her sutures removed, her surgery had healed well, and she was soaking up the cuddles as if nothing had happened. Everyone here at Goodna Vet is very impressed with Kirra and her speedy recovery.

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