Dental Water Additives

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Some dogs and cats do not like having their mouths touched but this does not mean that we should neglect or give up on their dental health. Water additives can be an effective and non-invasive way to help prevent dental disease in your pets.

What are water additives and how do they work?

Water additives are sometimes a forgotten element of pet dental health; these products are designed to be placed into your pets drinking water at home to prevent tartar buildup and bacterial growth. Sort of like a mouthwash for your pets!

Though these may not be as effective as tooth brushing it can still be beneficial alongside other treatments (Like specially formulated dental diets or dental chews).

Our top picks are Aquadent and Tropiclean.


Aquadent dental solution is formulated by Veterinary Dentists and designed to control plaque, freshen breath, and promote healthy gums and teeth. Aquadent can be used safely in both cats and dogs at home when the directions are followed.


Tropiclean water additive is available to both dogs and cats and contains natural green tea extracts to help fight plaque & tartar and maintain fresher breath.

It is important to note that water additives alone are not enough to control plaque build-up in your pets and we always recommend tooth brushing, specially formulated dental diets, dental chews and bones at home to help combat the onset of periodontal disease. All water should be changed and replaced daily while using these additives.

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