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Being a veterinarian has given me the gift of being not only able to change the lives of animals but the people within them. Learning the craft and knowing what I could do, what I could achieve as a veterinarian, it's kind of mind-blowing now that I look back. I am inspired every day to continue being a veterinarian because it gives me the ability to share what I do every day with my friends and family around the world.

I wish someone had told me value your time and what you put into this and how much work goes into creating a lifestyle from doing something that you truly love. This is something we breathe at Goodna Vet.

When I first started out, I was so thirsty for knowledge, and I really struggled to find all the information I needed. So when I see other veterinarians find that same level of joy that I have and have that belief within themselves that they can do anything, I mean gosh, we're not rocket scientists; but what we do is pretty special. So being able to share everything that I've learned over the years with our team, bringing them together, supporting each other, and encouraging them, I often feel like I'm just giving them more of what I wish I had. There's no bigger reward and being able to see someone achieve their dreams, achieve a goal, make an impact on an animal's life; whatever it might be big or small, it meant something to them…

Dr David Watkins, Clinical Director

We've got your back

We’re one team inspiring each other to explore new possibilities, wherever the challenges of the veterinary world take us. We treat you like a person not just a professional. You’ll find even busy a manager will spend extra time exploring what really makes you tick and where you’d like to add new skills and value. Goodna Vet’s focus on the longer, healthier, happier lives of our patients has created a habit among our leaders of focussing on the same things for our people.

We reward our people and celebrate their success. From providing initiatives that develop careers to looking after our people’s health, well-being and futures. We can’t think of a better reason to come to work every day than knowing we take the time to care about what’s important to you and your life beyond Goodna Vet.


We keep our people smiling by helping them improve their lives outside of the clinic too. If you’re a permanent team member, benefits can include:

Employee Assistance Program

Reduced private health cover

Reduced gym membership

Discounted products and services

Access to Uprise, our health and wellbeing program

Health and wellbeing

We get that a healthier you is a happier you. Supporting our people in health and wellbeing activities is vital to achieving this. Discounted gym memberships, annual flu vaccinations and discounts on health insurance and gym memberships are just some of the ways we help you maintain your health. 

Learning and development

Goodna Vet is still growing and evolving so this is your chance to be part of it. Growing your skills to help our clients and their pets is as natural as us helping you to develop your career path and yourself. You’ll be challenged and inspired as we all broaden our expertise to deliver the future of animal health and care.

  • Continuous learning via our online learning platform

  • Monthly coaching through our GROW program

  • Emerging Leaders Program

  • Bi-weekly learning half-hour 

  • Disruptive talent program - study support towards workshops and conferences etc.



Helping animals live longer, happier, healthier lives and making a better future for the veterinary industry. That’s what drives us every day.


From day one, we’ve been all about doing things differently. Challenging the status quo with big thinking for the common good.


We’re a team of extraordinary individuals with one big heart. When you join Goodna Vet, you’ll be a part of a culture that’s meant for everyone.

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