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I have found the environment at Goodna Vet very friendly and supportive. The close-knit team share a genuine love for animals and veterinary medicine, and their open communication ensures a cohesive workplace. Their professionalism, flexibility and fun attitude make it a great place to work.

Dr Lauren Stack

Diversity & Inclusion:
Embracing what makes each of us unique

We’re a team of extraordinary individuals with one big heart. When you join Goodna Vet, you’ll be a part of a culture that’s meant for everyone. This means we’re continually building an environment that embraces all experiences, all voices and all backgrounds. It’s not just ticking boxes. Life at Goodna Vet is all about enhancing your well-being and sense of belonging, no matter who you are on the outside or inside. Because supporting you to show your full potential, will let you add your own shine to an inclusive culture we are all proud to be part of.


An inclusive culture means you are:

5 times more likely to innovate

5 times more likely to be very satisfied with your job.

3 times more likely to provide excellent customer service.

2 times more likely to receive regular career development opportunities.

Because the future belongs to us all

With an emphasis on inclusive leadership, our commitment to belonging starts from the top. We welcome like-minded people who share our vision to create an inspiring and transformative environment where people from diverse backgrounds will flourish and shape our future and the future of the veterinary industry. This way, we will continue to build a community for all and a culture that we can all celebrate every day.

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